Privacy Policy

  • The security of your account is paramount to us you and as such you will be required to set a password on your account to purchase from our sales catalogue, website or direct marketers.
  • We will never share your information with any other entity unless ordered to by a court of law.
  • We use the latest security measures to protect against loss or misuse of your information.
  • When you sign up you agree to receive promotional material from us; You can opt out of receiving electronic (or any) communications by replying to such communications and/or contacting our office and requesting they stop.
  • At anytime you can request to see, amend or correct the information we hold about you.
  • We appreciate that your personal information is confidential, Vickers Marketing Ltd will only use the information you provide for the following purpose:
  • To provide you a better customer service
  • Assess your credit worthiness
  • Administration of any agreement you have with us
  • Promotion and marketing of services provided by us
  • Research by and/or on behalf of us

Fees and Charges

  • $20 initial account setup (establishment) fee
  • $2.00 - $10.00 for texts/letters relating to overdue accounts
  • $50.00 field visit if we are required to call on you regarding your overdue account
  • $65.00 trace fee if we are required to locate you at a new address regarding your overdue account
  • 20% interest per annum on late payments (no interest is payable if all payments are made on time and/or you have made alternative payment arrangements with us)
  • Refund fee of up to $50.00 if (a) your account goes into credit and you do not respond to requests to cancel your payments (b) if you request to continue your payments towards another purchase but then change your mind and require refund, and/or we are required to cancel your payments.
  • To avoid any additional fees or charges (including what your bank may charge you) we encourage you to contact us immediately should your circumstance change – we are here to help

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