Who We Are

We believe in making it easy for you to get what you want, with flexible payments that suit your lifestyle. Payments start from $10 a week and offer no interest.* 

Vickers is a long established proud New Zealand business that has been serving kiwis since 1987.

Way back in the 80’s when the Sony Walkman first became available and Air Jordans were the in thing, George Vickers the entrepreneur and owner of Vickers started selling First Aid Kits. He wanted to make First Aid Kits more accessible to everyone, so he thought, why not let people pay them off? on affordable weekly payments? This was the start of Vickers and as the customer base grew, the business developed and the product range expanded to the full range of products we have on offer today.

From those humble beginnings emerged Vickers with the vision of making things accessible to everyday kiwis. We have many long-standing and loyal customers that have been with us since the '90s which we very fond of and we always take care of them. We are very proud of our business model and enjoy providing outstanding customer service, good value products and trusted brands with the simple concept of pay per week.

If you’re not sure about something or need more information or you’d like to talk to someone, just give us a call on 08005 08005.


Our friendly call centre is open from

9am to 5pm Monday to Thursday

9am to 4pm on Friday

For all enquiries call our team on 08005 08005 

We are located at 18 Cambridge Street, Levin 5510

Email: [email protected]