Survival Kit

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Be prepared for earthquakes, natural disasters or any medical emergencies that can happen at anytime.

In some emergencies you may need to evacuate in a hurry. Everyone should have a complete Survival Kit in an easily accessible place at home or at work.

First Aid Kit includes:

Eye first aid kit containing - eye dressing with attached bandage, swabs (7.5mm x 7.5mm) x2, plastic eye bath, eye pad, 15ml saline solution ampule (water pistol type for flushing eyes and small wounds) & information leaflet
Large absorbent dressing (20cm x 8cm)
Fabric dressing strip 6cm x 1mtr
Thermal emergency blanket (185cm x 130cm)
Crepe bandage (7.5cm x 4m)
Crepe bandage (5cm x 4m)
Large dressing with attached bandage x 2 (180mm x 180mm)
Medium dressing with attached bandage (120mm x 120mm)
Small dressing with attached bandage (100mm x 75mm)
Splinter probes strip of 5
Triangular bandage with pins (110cm x 110cm x 155cm)
Safety pins pkt of 4
Tweezers blunt ended
Scissors blunt ended
Antiseptic spray 100ml
Hydrogel burn lotion 50ml
Latex gloves 3 pairs
Life aid resuscitation face shield
Aquatabs water purification tablets pkt of 10
Antiseptic wipes x4
Burnshield emergency burncare dressing (100mm x 100mm)
Face masks pkt of 4
Two litre hinged plastic carry case
Grab’n’Go includes:

Grab n Go Bag
Radio / Torch (dynamo - does not need batteries)
Waterproof Matches - 1 box = 45 matches
Note Pad & Pen
Candles x 2 (9 hr burn time per candle)
Pocket Knife (multi purpose including scissors & saw blades etc)
Whistle Poncho x 4 (rainproof)
Electrical Tape - 1 roll
Plastic Bags x 5 (assorted for rubbish/personal waste)
Gloves - 1 pair (heavy duty leather)
Glo Sticks x 4
Tissues 2 pkts
Rope 1 x 10m
Hand Sanitizer -1 x 50ml
Personal / baby Wipes - 1 pkt
Thermal / Emergency Blanket x 3 with 1 in first aid kit
Water container 5 ltr

Mini survival kit
Shovel plus tools

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