Gentlemen's Hardware Survival Kit

Category: Outdoor & Recreation

Only the fittest survive in the wilderness, which is why Gentlemen's Hardware have created the Survival of the Fittest Kit complete with everything one would need to battle the elements and survive in the wildesness - stylishly!

The Survival of the Fittest Kit contains:

flint and steel for starting fires
a 6-in-1 knife multi-tool (scissors, bottle opener, file, can opener & more)
a long rope with carabiner and keyring
a wire wood saw
safety pins
a pair of tweezers
a small compass

All this is contained in a lightweight suave brass-look tin with hinged lid, so you'll always have everything you need neatly and compactly stored.

Tin measures approx 8.5cm H x 13.5cm W x 2.3cm D

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