Marlborough Waterproof Mattress Protector Queen

Category: Manchester

We all spend a whopping 26 years of our lives in bed! Your bed and bedclothes should be your restful sanctuary with your bed and pillows dressed and protected with mattress and pillow protectors and lovely linens and bedclothes.

You sleep on your bed and pillow every night and over time your mattress and pillow will absorb sweat, dust and dead skin cells creating a breeding ground for dust mites and other nasties. Mattress and pillow protectors are essential to keep your mattress and pillows clean and fresh. Browse our great range of bed mattress and pillow protectors and stylish quality bedclothes.

This is a breathable and comfortable rustle free waterproof mattress protector. Soft Terry cloth on one side and rustle free PU lining on the other. With elastic skirt for easy fitting.

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