Westinghouse 5.2 Litre Opti-fry

Category: Kitchen Appliances

Turn your regular deep-fried French fries into a less oily side dish for your burgers using the black 5.2L Westinghouse Opti Fry. With just a small amount of oil added to your sliced potatoes, this electric air fryer cooks your fries by surrounding them with hot, circulating air, giving your potato snack a healthy makeover. Do more than just air fry with this smart Westinghouse cooker and use it to make a complete meal of stuffed peppers, roasted corn, and air-grilled barbecue ribs.

Key Features:

Electric air fryer that can fry, bake, roast, grill, and toast your food through rapid hot air circulation
Promotes healthier eating as it cooks your food with little to no oil
Reduces cooking oil usage and smell when frying
Equipped with a handy 30-minute timer and temperature control from 80C to 200C
Smooth black exterior stays cool to the touch while cooking
Comes with a convenient non-stick drip tray that is easy to clean

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