Junior Sports Kit

Offer Ends: 30/09/2020
Category: Sports

Be prepared for sports medical emergencies that can happen at anytime.

We are proud to supply you high quality First Aid Kits that are excellent value for money. Plus we sell replacement items, so that your kit can always be fully-stocked and up-to-date.

First Aid Kit includes:

Fabric dressing strip (60mm x 1m)
Packet of latex gloves x 2
Packet of 10 – 3ply tissues
Small instant cold pack x 1
Large instant cold pack x 1
Small dressing with attached bandage (100mm x 75mm)
Large dressing with attached bandage (120mm x 120mm)
Blunt end tweezers
Bandage scissors
Antiseptic liquid 100ml
Strip of 5 splinter probes
Triangular bandage with pins (110mm x 110mm x 155mm)
Safety pins
Antiseptic cleaning wipes
Roll of strapping tape (25mm x 13.5m)
Crepe bandage (5cm x 4m)
Crepe bandage (7.5cm x 4m)
Cohesive bandage 50mm
Cohesive bandage 75mm
Eye first aid kit containing – eye dressing with attached bandage, swabs (7.5mm x 7.5mm) x2, plastic eye bath, eye pad, 15ml saline solution ampule (water pistol type for flushing eyes and small wounds) & information leaflet

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