Parasidose Head Lice Comb, Shampoo And Repellent

Category: Home & Car

Combo contains Parasidose Shampoo, Lice Repellent, plus comb and shower cap.

Parasidose Extra Strength Shampoo and comb kills head and body lice AND their eggs.

Treat head lice with this extra strength double shampoo treatment for the whole family. Then Comb away head lice and eggs with this smooth stainless comb with easy grip handle.

Parasidose Lice Repellent protects hair and scalp from infestation and last up to 48 hours. Use after Parasidose shampoo treatment to prevent re-infestation.

Read instructions before use. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes and nose. Do not use on infants under 30 months or if breastfeeding or epileptic.

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