Mini Survival Bag And First Aid Kit

Offer Ends: 01/01/2021
Category: Home & Car

High quality professional military first aid survival tool kit and tactical survival kit. Easily attached to your belt and carry on your hip, the bag has many compartments to addtitionally add your wallet and cellphone aswell as it contains all of the survival items you will need for the outdoors.

Survival Items List:
1x Fire Starter
1x Emergency Whistle
1x Flashlight
1x Multi-function knife
1x Multi-function card
1x Compass
1x Defensive tactical pen
1x Emergency blanket
1* Wire saw

First Aid Items List:
10x Band aid - Standard size
5x Band aid - Butterfly
5x Band aid - "H"
5x Safty pin 3.7cm
10x Alcohol wipe 5x5cm
1x Medical tape 1.25x500cm
1x Tourniquet 2.5x46cm
1* Confirm bandage 8cm by 4m
1* Triangular bandage 96 by 96 by 136cm
5*Sterile gauze pads 5cm by 5cm

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