Dish Tv Freeview Player

Category: Entertainment

The Dish TV satBox S7070rHD-XM is a Single Tuner Freeview S2 Satellite Receiver that provides crystal clear pictures via its Full HD 1080p HDMI Output. With full auto-tuning and LNB search capabilities, in just a few simple steps you can bring the whole range of Freeview Channels straight to your TV. It can’t get any easier than this. Just plug your S7070rHD-XM into your TV and connect to your Satellite Dish setup. The First Time Installation will auto-scan and tune in all available Freeview Channels, so you are ready to go straight away. With built in USB recording support, this single tuner receiver allows you to record programs to watch later. Watch one channel while recording another in the same Channel Group** or record one channel while watching a pre-recorded show on your external USB Device.

Freeview Satellite
Single Tuner Receiver
Full HD 1080p HDMI Output
DVB-S/S2 Tuning for SD/HD Channels*
Auto-Tune and LNB Search
USB Recording Support**
Book Single or Series Recordings
Record one channel, watch another**
8-day MHEG-5 Freeview EPG

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