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Disclosure Summary

As a Responsible lender, Vickers Marketing Ltd will:


1. Check carefully with you that you can make the repayments without hardship, and we will complete a financial appraisal with you for all new contracts. You must answer these questions honestly. If you can’t make the repayments without hardship then by law we are unable to sell to you. Cash transactions can be processed without a credit check.

2. Our Sales Representatives will explain to you the key features of your agreement including: The current interest rate is 20% pa and that we have the right to change this under our master terms and conditions.The current monthly account maintenance fee is $0.00. The current fees we charge if you miss one or more payments $0.00 per missed fee and $50.00 if we have to make a field visit. You have a right to cancel and you have 7 working days to do this if you purchase from a Sales Representative.

3. If you find yourself in unforeseen hardship (unable to pay for a while) you must call us urgently. We may vary your contract (including lowering or holding your payments if necessary) to help you through this.

4. We will always treat you fairly, respectfully and in an ethical manner. If you believe we are not then please tell us.

5. If you don’t speak English very well, we will endeavour to find an interpreter, so that everything is explained carefully, and that you fully understand your contract. If we cannot explain everything to you, and you don’t understand then we will not sell to you.

6. If you have any questions at all please ask your friendly Sales Representative or call our friendly staff on 0800 5 0800 5


We are here to help.

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