Spirally Animals

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Create beautiful spiral-bellied animals!

Fit one of the pieces of drawing paper into the special drawing board. Snap the fun animal stencils around the Spirograph circle - A cat's head and paws, an owl's head with wings and talons, a friendly bear with a big nose...

Then, after tracing the outline of your new animal buddy, choose one of the four gear sizes, place it inside the center circle, poke the tip of one of the markers through one of the holes, and start rolling the gear around and around.

Just like that, amazing, perfectly precise spirals come to life!

Pull the paper from the drawing board and color your new creation in any way you want. Add a background and a sky - there are even fun cut-out characters and details you can add to really make things pop.

With the Play Creative Spirally Animals set, there's no end to the creative possibilities.

Play Creative - Spirally Animals
Spirograph play set for making fun, spiral-bellied animal buddies
Encourages fine motor skills, creativity, concentration, hand-eye coordination
Fun animal stencils attach to the center Spirgraph circle
Create perfect spirals using the different-sized gears
Features fun cut-outs for adding exciting details
Includes plastic base and frame, round serrated disk, oval serrated disc, interchangeable animal-shaped stencils, gears in different sizes, 6 felt-tip pens, blank sheets of paper, cut-out decorations, non-slip rubber feet
Illustrated manual included
High-quality materials and construction - Exceptional beginner drawing experience

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