Bot Xtrem Guardian

Category: Toys

Introducing the XTREM BOTS Guardian Bot, with 20 different functions and 50 programmable actions and robotic sounds. With its ultrasonic detector it will alert you to the presence of intruders in your room and it has spy function too with a torch included for night missions.

Guardian Bot can be controlled with the remote control and hand gestures ‘Smart Control’. Guardian Bot can either walk or slide forwards, backwards, side to side, and even dances. Guardian Bot’s in-built motion detectors recognise hand gestures for additional movement, and the LED eyes produce a variety of facial expressions. The 20 functions remote control can be used to programme up to 50 consecutive actions for Guardian Bot to follow.

Infra-red transmitter reaches range of more than 5 metres. The robot comes with a USB cable for re-charging. Remote control requires 2 x AA batteries. For ages 5 years and over

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